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Phlogre is a photo organizer - for local photos and for flickr photos.


Phlogre is a Photo Organizer - for local photos and for flickr photos. It does allow you to manage the title, the description and tags of the photo while it is accesible locally on your disk. Afterwards you just upload them to Flickr. Search is fast and based on tags.

Why I wrote it: I was so fed up with the official Flickr Uploadr because when the upload stopped unexpectedly (eg. bad internet) all the tags I had set to the photo just dissapear and I have to reenter them. The second Aspect of the problem is that I didn't know what picture it uploaded - as you know in the official tool you just drop all the pile of files over it and you don't know what order it is uploaded in.

I personally LOVE Picasa (and especially its photo editing abilities) but :
1) I don't use Google's web albums (and as you know it just can't upload to Flickr) and
2) every time I reinstall my computer I loose all my photo base knowledge - all the tags, keywords, metadata, thumbnails and so on and so on ...

So the solution was to ... write my own tool.
This tool has no abilities to change the look of the picture (and it will never have the ability to) it just organizes and sorts the photos.

What does not Phlogre do?

* It still does not work with "sets".
* You cannot edit your photos.


Fixed some bugs.

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Free to try
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Windows Vista, XP, 2000, NT
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No additional system requirements.

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